Four things

26 January 2006


A Blue Perspective: Four things

You can always tell how popular you are by how long it takes for a meme to get to you. After following quite a few links back up the chain on this one I ended up at a dead end over a month ago ... my ego is now at an all time low. Thanks Lucas and John :P

Four jobs I've had

  1. Web designer
  2. Web programmer
  3. Web developer
  4. Web author

(Seriously, I've never worked as a fast food underling like any of you peons :P )

Four movies I can watch over and over

  1. Se7en
  2. About a Boy
  3. Big Trouble in Little China
  4. Porco Rosso

Four places I have lived

  1. My bedroom
  2. A fort made from couch cushions
  3. Basement of the Melbourne University Computer Science building
  4. 13th Century Mongolia

(Just Melbourne)

Four television shows I love to watch

  1. Family Guy
  2. Lost
  3. Late Night with Conan O'Brien
  4. Blackadder

Four places I have been on vacation

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Sovereign Hill – the most neat-o tourist extravaganza in Victoria!
  3. Sydney
  4. Gold Coast – home of the teenage drinking binge

Four of my favourite dishes

  1. Chinese custard buns
  2. Deep fried, salty, chilli squid from Pacific House
  3. Meat lover's pizza from Topolino's, Fitzroy Street
  4. Mum's cheesecake

Four websites I visit daily

  4. Gecko DOM reference

Four places I would rather be right now

  1. Fabric Nightclub, London
  2. Champs-Elysees on July 23
  3. Hogwarts
  4. In bed

Four bloggers I am tagging

  1. Maxine Sherrin (just to see if you she'll post something that doesn't support her "money, money, money" mantra :P ) –
  2. Cam Pegg (maybe he can co-write it with Chuck Norris) –
  3. Nikita Kashner (don't you want to know what food goes into that midriff?) –
  4. Doug Bowman (he needs an excuse for a blog entry) –




  1. 1/166

    Dan of the Webb commented on 27 January 2006 @ 04:45

    Topolino's!!! Excellent choice. I pretty much only ate Topolinos while I was in Melbourne. So did everyone else in St Kilda it seemed.

    I loved the way you could sit outside and get shouted at by drunk loonies...reminded me of home.

  2. 2/166

    Brian Sweeting commented on 27 January 2006 @ 08:00

     I love Blackadder.  I have all four seasons, and I've ripped them to my computer so I can listen while I work on things.  I've probably watched/listened to them all a dozen times.

  3. 3/166

    4u4 commented on 27 January 2006 @ 08:23


    My 4 movies:

    Girlfight (Karyn Kusama)
    Shawshank redemption (Frank Darabont)
    The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson)
    Rabbit Proof Fence (Phillip Noyce)

    my 4 TV series

    Red Dwarf (BBC) !!!!
    Fawlty Towers (John Cleese)
    Absolutely Fabuleous (BBC)
    Matlock (US)

    my 4 Music favs

    Frank Zappa
    LTJ bukem (1997 party: sat next to him, and said great music, ain't it?, I love playing DB eg Nautilus: superb jungle)
    Brian Eno - Robert Fripp
    Andrew Weatherall

  4. 4/166

    Manuel commented on 27 January 2006 @ 10:18

    hey, family guy lost and late night with conan o'brien. i totally agree with you! =)

    unfortunately i cant see conan obrien in germany any longer :(


  5. 5/166

    The Man in Blue commented on 27 January 2006 @ 22:30

    Hopefully I'll get to see Conan O'Brien in his natural habitat when I go to New York in March!

  6. 6/166

    SNL commented on 28 January 2006 @ 11:59

     Long live Richard Pryor! 

  7. 7/166

    Benn commented on 1 February 2006 @ 10:55

    Ahh you got tagged by Lucas too eh!

  8. 8/166

    Jauhari commented on 2 February 2006 @ 12:13

    Nice information. that amazing

    why not FIVE or TEN ;)

  9. 9/166

    MrWeb commented on 2 February 2006 @ 16:19

    Its allways nice to hear the favorites of the industry leaders. Thank you for sharing.

  10. 10/166

    Jorj Ives commented on 3 February 2006 @ 21:52

    "Goldoast home of the teenage drinking binge"

    I think you'll find that's the UK.

  11. 11/166

    Pen and Pencil commented on 9 February 2006 @ 14:12

    What's next? Four (or any)  things don't have or don't like?

  12. 12/166

    Radovan Dzurcanin commented on 19 February 2006 @ 10:27

    This game is getting extremely popular... do you know who started this? I've never tried to click through the chain and get to first person who initiated all this, but it could be fun :))

  13. 13/166

    Roddy commented on 20 February 2006 @ 08:40

    my fav TV shows

    • Hitch Hikers Guide to Gallaxy
    • Monty Python
    • Red Dwarf
    • Fawlty Towers
    • Comic Strip
  14. 14/166

    ScW commented on 10 March 2006 @ 23:46

    Better to be tagged eventually than never tagged at all.

    Carry on...

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