Signal vs. Noise

8 June 2008


A Blue Perspective: Signal vs. Noise

Haven't people figured out by now that any decrees made by 37signals only ever work for 37signals?




  1. 1/9

    Nathan Smith commented on 8 June 2008 @ 02:38

    Agreed. It's funny that a blog entitled Signal vs. Noise is in and of itself a source of so much noise.

  2. 2/9

    Richard Rutter commented on 8 June 2008 @ 03:45

    Absolutely. My post was in reference to Colly's, which specifically absolved 37signals of all blame. It was in reading Colly's thoughts on Erskine process that made me appreciate changes happening at Clearleft and so I was driven to tell the world about it.

    While 37signals approaches to work is occasionally thought provoking, I certainly don't take it to heart.

  3. 3/9

    Marshall commented on 8 June 2008 @ 03:56

    Amen brother. Why do people freak out over posts like that? It's what works for them. Take what you will from it and move on. The same goes for their book. There is a lot of great insight in there, but not all of it will work for most applications.

  4. 4/9

    The Man in Blue commented on 8 June 2008 @ 15:31

    Don't worry Richard, I wasn't singling you --or any of the other people who wrote in the wake of 37signals' post -- out, just needed some links to responses :)

  5. 5/9

    Henry commented on 8 June 2008 @ 17:44

    Seems like a smart move to skip the photo shop though and go straight to editing it though HTML/CSS .

  6. 6/9

    Ben Buchanan commented on 8 June 2008 @ 19:22

    I won't believe it until 37 Signals say so. [/deadpan]

  7. 7/9

    Marek Nowak commented on 8 June 2008 @ 21:12

    I aggree. 37signals is really good company. But they dont always have right. If you have good webdesigner, who knows what you can do in html/css that is better to make layouts in Photoshop. How webdesigner can know all of staff from coder html/css- who is doing all day long?

  8. 8/9

    Benson commented on 8 June 2008 @ 23:55

    Same goes for Google designs :P

  9. 9/9

    Gord commented on 10 June 2008 @ 02:06

    Photoshop mockups? are you serious?

    Gave that up in 2002.

    I sit with a client, 1 on 1, get their logo, color palate, a whiteboard, and rough out a "layout" of what they want.

    I return with a screenshot/live demo of the site matching the layout. We add/remove/tweak as desired.

    Content is built meanwhile, and all brought together.

    Next meeting is a demo beta, they get to tour the site/app. They may have final tweaks at this point, but usually by this point they are more concerned about features. Can I do x, y, etc. Did we miss anything.

    Final tweaks and sign off. No wasted Photoshop time.

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