Lick the competition

5 March 2007


A Blue Perspective: Lick the competition

After four months of super-secret development, the culmination of Andrew Krespanis's labour was revealed on Thursday, at Webjam 2. Yes, it was Andrew Krespanis who was behind it, not me, so not me ... please don't hurt me Tim.

Well, actually, Tim Would Lick It started as a proof of concept – seeing whether I could reproduce a mini-Photoshop app in JavaScript that would allow you to move Tim around on top of another image and change his scale, brightness and saturation.

This turned out to be relatively doable. The only problem was, once I'd got the client-side stuff done, I needed someone to actually get it to work on a server and composite the images for all to see. Normally for server-side stuff I'd get Tim to do it, but ... well ... I think you know why I didn't. So I recruited the uber-skills of Andrew Krespanis, who managed to code it in PHP, then code it in Rails, then code it in PHP again. And finally get it actually working (the day after we presented it). Thanks for putting up with my stupid ideas, K-man.

Webjam was the perfect scene for our reveal – where better to humiliate than on home soil? – and thanks to some canny planning by Lachlan Hardy the running order of presenters managed to get jiggled so that we were last.

Getting to see Tim's reaction when it came up on screen was priceless, but I was astounded when our tequila-fuelled presentation managed to snag us second place.

So now I'm a marked man, and I've cancelled all conference appearances when I know Tim is presenting. But until such time as he sends us a cease and desist letter ...

Get licking!


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  1. 1/10

    Andrew K. commented on 5 March 2007 @ 21:59

    DUDE! Don't give away our secrets! No one had to know that I didn't get it working until the next day.

    I enjoyed the whole whacky adventure--except for the bits where I had to listen to you bitch and whine ;)

  2. 2/10

    Tim Lucas commented on 6 March 2007 @ 00:41

    the letter's in the mail ;)

  3. 3/10

    Jemaleddin commented on 6 March 2007 @ 05:40

    This is almost too much like the Maggie Mason(, Heather Champ (, Heather Armstrong ( "is/are for licking" photos that have rocked the internet for a couple years.

  4. 4/10

    Mr Speaker commented on 7 March 2007 @ 20:48

    It wasn't working at Web Jam?! I feel so used.

  5. 5/10

    Mag commented on 8 March 2007 @ 19:00

    It's indeed happy news for all Jammers!

  6. 6/10

    Keuschheitsgürtel commented on 12 March 2007 @ 23:40

    Hehe well! Great news :)

  7. 7/10

    Rodjer commented on 16 March 2007 @ 22:28

    Hahah i knew it! Jammer all the way!

  8. 8/10

    John commented on 18 March 2007 @ 22:53

    Whoa, how funny is that: :D

  9. 9/10

    Bourse commented on 20 March 2007 @ 06:10

    Lol, you should thank Tim for his sense of humour...Web Jam was a bold choice :D

  10. 10/10

    Freemonths commented on 23 March 2007 @ 22:57

    Heheh excellent concept, execution and venue! Go El Jammerinos!

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