Links: June 2004

  • ni9e 30 June 2004, 17:42

    Some interesting interactive (and non-) art pieces going on over here (Note: Flash)

  • How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet 30 June 2004, 17:39

    Douglas Adams, as per usual, delivers insightful commentary way before it's due.

  • Sword swallowing x-rays 28 June 2004, 12:20

    Some rather uncomfortable looking x-ray images of sowrd swallowers in action.

  • Ultraviolet oil spill 24 June 2004, 16:08

    A composite of three images taken in the ultraviolet range of the sun. Fluid, melting colours, like the rainbows in an oil spill.

  • Europe's worst 70's interiors 24 June 2004, 15:29

    Stuck for interior decorating ideas? Try one of these! (What's with having cars and horses in your kitchen!?)

  • God Checker 23 June 2004, 16:04

    Ever get Coyolxauhqui mixed up with Huitzilopochtli? Never again! God Checker has the 4-1-1 on your favourite pantheons, from Aztec to Norse.

  • Mandala Motion 16 June 2004, 16:20

    Rather cool time-lapse movie of the creation of a sand mandala. It's better if you wait for all of it to load before watching it (Note: Flash)

  • Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech 16 June 2004, 16:17

    If only I'd had someone like this at my graudation speech, I might have made it to Mars by now.

  • Charles Miller photography 09 June 2004, 18:15

    Charles Miller crisply captures the beauty of colder climes. The eagles almost look like they'll fly out of your monitor.

  • Tsuneo Sanda's Star Wars art 09 June 2004, 18:002

    Tsuneo Sanda's (unofficial?) artwork based in the Star Wars galaxy is wonderfully rendered and detailed. "Shadow of Evil" and "Jango and Boba" are particularly atmsopheric.

  • Gravity Arkanoid 01 June 2004, 15:27

    A cool twist on the old ball and brick destroying game. (Note: Flash)

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