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33 Minutes of Love – A live DJ mix

TL;DR I have a new 33 minute DJ mix up at:

I’ve been feeling reinvigorated by music in 2019, so I’ve decided to devote a large percentage of my personal time to music and music-related things. However, perfectionism is a big problem for me when it comes to music, so to counteract this I’m going to employ some different tactics to get me in the habit of putting stuff out there.

Tactic #1: Short, live DJ mixes

While I love DJing live, if I’m committing something to posterity then I’ll labour over a mix in studio software for hours (and hours [and hours]) No more! (Well, maybe more later.) I’ve decided to create a monthly series of DJ mixes that are performed live and recorded in one take; no edits. To stop me from cheating (because multiple audio takes are really easy to splice together) I’m also going to be recording video. So the bonus is that you get to see me bopping dorkily away while mixing. To also keep the commitment lightweight, each mix will be 33 minutes long and focus on a particular theme.

My first 33 minute mix is 33 Minutes of Love. Given that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I thought it appropriate to spread a tiny bit more love all around the world, so each of the songs in this one are related to that wonderful emotion which gives us tingles in our toes.

Tactic #2: Remixes and covers

When creating an original song it’s always been hard for me to get the structure right and be happy with where it’s going. So to start me out softly I’m going to try recreating a few different songs and let them organically evolve into something new. Stay tuned on this one, as dusting off my ancient music production skills is going to take a while.

I’m pretty excited with where this will take my creativity this year and I hope you’ll come along on the voyage with me and enjoy the fruits of my labour. If you have any feedback on anything I put out I’d be excited to hear from you!

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